Over the years I have worked on a large number of projects, primarily web site design and front end development for clients ranging from corporates to small business's as well as flash/application design and development, branding and print design.


My core skill's include:

  • understanding user experience and applying it to the front end design and development,
  • understanding of W3C guidelines to allow for efficient web application construction that compliments the users experience
  • and a full knowledge of WCAG guidelines when it comes to accessibility issues and how best to apply them to ensure a rich user experience for all possible users.
  • The ability to hand code either XHTML/HTML 5 or CSS 3 within a variety of environments including JSTL .jsp pages, php pages and .net (aspx) controls so that it works in whatever range of browsers required (usually IE7, 8, 9 & 10,Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome).
  • Expert ability in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, although I rely more on Mozilla's add-ons (in particular Firebug) than the latter for checking the validity of my code.
  • Medium level use of Javascript - more amendment and restructuring than writing from scratch.
  • A knowledge of using Javascript libraries in particular JQuery.
  • Flash application design and a minimal level of Actionscript applied to avoid using bulky tweens.